Get to Know Foxtrot

The Fox Trot was (and still is) a dance similar to a waltz or quickstep, becoming a rage in the 1920′s. The dance is never static; it’s a constant and fluid movement that’s always changing. Fashion is much the same. Fads fade into the past (like Uggs, thank goodness), and vintage trends slide into today (bold florals are a plus). Here, find the latest in everything fashion, everyday. Here, find inspiration for your own style. Here, find who you are.  These are some things you can expect posted:

Fashion photography

Street style from around the globe

Fashion news

Fashion icon biographies and more.

See you soon,

Kara Joy xoxo


3 thoughts on “Get to Know Foxtrot

  1. Hi Fox Trot,
    your presentation is such good!
    I love your blog 😉
    Thank you for visting mine.

    Take care

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