Headbands: Crown Jewels for Under 15

Sometimes, an outfit just isn’t complete without that one perfect accessory. Luckily, there’s headbands. A good headband is a triple threat: attention grabbing, fashion forward, and budget friendly. Today, here are some Foxtrot favorites from all over the internet. Enjoy!

Where To Buy:

1) Through the Wire in Flower Buds here.

2) Dark Blue Gypsy Headband here.

3) PInk and Orange Twisted Headband in stores at World Market.

4) Full Tilt Rose Headband here.

5) Filigree Headwrap here.

6) Cotton Rope Sailor Knot Headband here.

7) Daytrip Foil Chiffon Headband here.

8) With Love From CA Double Wrap Headband here.

9) Emmie from 3 Cords here.

10) Braided Chain Headband here.

Thanks, Rebecca Glam, for the inspiration!

Stay classy,

Kara Joy


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